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A website can be as simple or complex as you wish.
However, as a high profile extension to your business it must
be absolutely right. This is how we do it…


1. Backed by our many years of experience we will chat to you, discover what you want      the website to do and advise how various options can enhance your current marketing      and sales efforts.
2. At this point our designers take over. You will have ideas of how you want the website      to look. We will use those ideas in conjunction with our knowledge of what works      visually and how it needs to be built to function on the internet.
3. We will then produce a graphic visual for you to approve.
4. Once approved our technical guys can then start actually building the website.
5. Now it is ready for you to try out, press buttons and understand how everything works.
6. After any small changes and corrections, your new website will be uploaded to our      servers and put out there on the internet for the world to see!

You will have loads of questions about Search Engines, Google AdWords, email and the like. We will happily guide and advise you on all the post publishing aspects of driving clients to your website.

Importantly the software we use to build websites is ‘future proof’. That means we can accommodate any changes or additions you may require in the future by simply bolting on extra modules. If after a while you want to start selling off your website we can just bolt on an e-Commerce module. Anything is possible!
We also offer a free help line service on +44 1743 270000