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Recent Projects

We update our Samples Page as often as possible, so here you can find a selection of our recent work, large or small.
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Recent Projects

Last year in the UK, the internet attracted more advertising than TV.
The internet is obviously the place to be if you’re in retail.
High street sales fell drastically, internet sales rose by an average of 7.5%.
Once again, the internet wins because of its complete flexibility.

Large or small?

We have clients selling just half a dozen products and at the other end of the scale, our largest e-Commerce site boasts 38,000 products!

And because of this flexibility we can build an e-Commerce website to suit your budget. As we mentioned on the previous page, the software we use to build websites is ‘future proof’. That means we can accommodate any changes or additions you may require in the future by simply bolting on extra modules. So you can start off with six products and as your business grows we can keep adding modules until you have six thousand products!

You will have lots of questions about functionality, adding and deleting products, taking payments, security, monitoring sales, stock levels etc. Don’t worry about it, we are happy to sit with you and advise you on all aspects, for as long as you want, until you understand all the ins and outs.

We also provide a free help line and for complex websites we offer training, on site if required. Get a Quote